The provision of energy and support services under this framework will be provided by Utilities Procurement Group (UPG) as the dedicated Utilities Supplies and Services framework provider to all CPC Members. UPG are an established national energy consultancy with over 30 years experience in the energy industry.

UPG will help you achieve energy efficiency, cost reductions and comply fully with all relevant current legislation.

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Users of the Utilities Supplies & Services Framework will also have access to UPG’s value added services including:

Bill validation: UPG will check for correct rates and calculation of invoices, challenging any errors.

Direct query resolution: UPG liaise directly with energy providers on your behalf

Technical expertise: From energy management solutions such as bespoke consumption reporting and budgetary assistance, to non-energy cost optimisation and load management advice, UPG will ensure a Member’s procurement process is efficient and cost effective, ongoing throughout the contract.


The framework offers Members a bespoke, fully-compliant route to market for all their Electricity & Gas procurement needs, with proactive market timing to achieve best costs and comprehensive ongoing service provision.

UPG provides market leading value, coupled with dedicated contract management and customer service, and welcomes the opportunity to beat any genuine renewal offer Members receive, to tangibly demonstrate and benchmark value on a like for like basis, against equivalent current market conditions.


The Added Value Services stated below are also available as standalone service packages to any Member who wishes to secure such service but doesn’t wish to engage UPG to procure their energy supply contracts. The services are available at standard fees, and any Member wishes to consider receive such services should contact the framework Help Desk (details above) for details:

•      Market Analysis and Purchase Timing Tracking 

•      Bill Validation

•      TRIAD Warning Service

•      Demand Management Advice

•      Non-Energy Cost Analysis

•      Generative FIT – Feed in Tariff payment administration and PPA - Power Purchase Agreements

•      Environmental Scheme Reporting

•      Infrastructure Upgrades

•      Energy Scheme Project Management

•      AMR – Automatic Meter Reading rollout

•      Energy Budgetary, Forecasting and Accruals assistance