Save on your school energy bills by acting early

As an academy or school, you will want to provide an excellent environment for teaching and learning, as well as making informed decisions about your academy's or school's running costs. One of the keys to making greater savings when it comes to your energy contract is acting ahead of your renewal date.

For those CPC members who have a contract due to expire in April 2019, we advise you to review your energy now by getting in touch with the UPG energy team as early as possible for the best opportunity to optimise costs.


By making early contact and seeking advise from the energy team well before 1  April, you will place your school in the best position to purchase your energy. The UPG energy team will be on hand to review your current position, advise upon future utility supply and provide no obligation competitive quotations, and if you wish to take advantage of other savings, you can be a part of our ‘basket’ purchasing opportunity; where we bring together a large number of customers, aggregate their demand and seek improved prices through economies of scale.

The ‘basket’ approach is particularly advantageous for smaller energy users as it allows institutions to collaboratively buy through our Utilities framework and get access to more competitive prices.

Find out more about CPC’s Utilities Supplies & Services Framework by visiting the framework web page or contacting the dedicated energy helpdesk on 03453 020041.