Colleges, Multi Academy Trusts and Universities

This framework  aims to improve the very manner in which Energy procurement is carried out for Colleges, MATs and Universities through the provision of the following exclusive added value services.

Full Cost Analysis

Through the provision of copy invoices, UPG is able to provide Members with a comprehensive cost analysis, detailing their current cost position compared with their future quotation costs, thus aiding budget forecasting and planning.

Price Transparency

Commission is received directly from energy suppliers, typically via a p/kWh mechanism, that will be included within the unit rates presented, so there are no additional fees for the energy supply service. There are no hidden charges, within any contract type, and we can provide fully fixed, all-inclusive contracts, where the rates won’t alter during the contract duration, as well as other options.

Dedicated Help Desk

The framework has a dedicated Help Desk to advise on specification, technical queries and contract management issues. The Help Desk is serviced by people who have specific energy expertise, thus providing  an enhanced level of framework support. The Help Desk can be contacted as follows:


Telephone: 03453 020041

Choice of Contract Durations

UPG can provide 12/24/36 month contract durations or a bespoke/aligned end date option if required.

Contract Options

For Members who want known upfront costs and budget certainty, UPG can provide fully fixed contracts. For Members with higher consumption and the ability to load manage demand, UPG can provide an Energy Only – Pass Through contract, where energy cost elements are fixed, but Third-Party Non-Energy Costs are separately “Passed -Through” at cost; this gives Members the ability to reduce time and consumption-based non-energy costs. For Members with a higher level of risk appetite and large consumptions of 5-10 GWh (5,000,000 – 10,000,000 kWh) and upwards, UPG can provide flexible contract options.

Brown/Renewable Options

For Electricity UPG can provide “Brown” options, or “Green” options, backed up by REGO – Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates, with these options being of particular relevance to those Members with sustainability/environmental commitments /targets.

Basket Purchasing

UPG is able to provide ‘Basket’ procurements in search of further economies of scale and improved rates. Under such procurements, the utility requirements of a number of Members with similar usage are brought together to deliver a larger ‘basket’ requirement, which is then placed before the market. UPG intend run a rolling programme of ‘basket’ procurement exercises aligned to common contract end dates e.g. 31st March or 30th September. If this is of interest, Members should contact the Help Desk and register their interest in being included in a relevant forthcoming ‘basket’ procurement. 

Market Analysis

Having provided current contract commencement date (s), UPG can provide Members with a graphical market analysis, including commentary, explaining contract price positions and the variances between the current contract and future quotation costs.

Proactive Market Timing

It is advisable for Members to make contact with UPG well in advance of contract renewal dates, and UPG can thereafter track the markets to an optimal point on behalf of the Member (refreshing prices prior to final contracting, where required). Where renewals are left to the last minute, energy users are at the mercy of the prevailing market conditions, so proactivity is key to obtaining the best possible energy rates. Commencing the procurement process 6 months in advance is optimal however UPG are skilled in delivering value regardless of the proximity to contract expiry.

Smooth Supplier Transition

UPG will ensure a smooth transition between the existing and any new suppliers. This will include ensuring suppliers have made all debt known to Members and ensuring termination notices have been issued (which are two reasons suppliers can object to a supply transfer), as well as handling and resolving any transfer objections raised by existing suppliers.

EU Compliant Supply Solutions

UPG manage a number of EU compliant frameworks, providing access to a wide choice of energy suppliers.

Terms and Conditions

Energy supply contracts will be entered into upon the energy supplier specific terms and conditions of supply. The terms will be supplied to Members along with their energy supply quotation. Please note, energy supply contracts will be contracted between the Member and the energy supplier on the basis of these terms. All such terms have been reviewed and approved as part of the EU compliant process. 

Termination Notice

UPG will issue appropriate termination notices within the relevant notice periods for all future supply contracts that we place, and we will also aim to assist with the issuing of termination notices for Members existing, outgoing supply contracts, where sufficient time remains to issue the notice prior to renewal. Members should be aware however, that some suppliers have onerous termination conditions, with some requiring 90 Days termination notice or more, so Members are advised to familiarise themselves with such requirements and ensure their renewal supply activities allow sufficient time for this to be addressed, in relation to your exiting contractual arrangements. Members are encouraged to contact the Help Desk and we will be happy to advise
and assist.